Making a home or workplace cannot do without buying furniture and decor items. In Goan realities, this issue occupies a special place when planning repairs or equipping premises.

Part of our team is a professional furniture maker and woodcarver from Russia! He is ready to make furniture and decor items for you to make your nest cozy and unique!

Any item made by our craftsman can be made according to your personal needs with exact measurements. To do this, you need to agree on all the details in advance, while the production time will increase by a couple of days, depending on the product.

In addition to our own production of furniture, we design housing not only in European style, but also in the style of “Indian fusion art”.

Indian fusion art – skillfully fits into any interior. At the junction of European black and white tones and graceful forms, Indian fusion sets its own rules.

The bright colors that everyone is used to in India do not seem wild and alien when mixing styles. On the contrary, they attract your eye, but at the same time, your eyes do not get tired and do not over saturate.